Opening the Ceremonies with the Heavies & the Flaming Caber
The Flaming Caber:
                Unique to the Buffalo Heavies the flaming caber is tossed to mark the opening of the Ancient Highland Games in true Scottish tradition. Pictured below is 2012 Jamestown Regional Games Champion Nick Kahanic tossing the flaming Caber by Sword Bearers Sean Green, Bob Vail, and Tim Mullally.
Big Cabers for Big Men:

                The Buffalo Heavies throw the big sticks harvested from cedar groves in southern Kentucky.  Bob Vail with the Masters caber and Ernie Perez with the big Pro stick 135# and 19'- 6" long.
Hammer Time:

                Ian Grassie getting his mean on with the heavy hammer, 22# of flying lead.

Caladonian Athlete's got Stones:

                World record holder in the open stone and 2013 NA Champion Nick Kahanic, Tammie Armeni, and Bill Donnell showing the traditional Caladonian stone throw, great grand father of the modern day Olympic shot put, the 16# open and 22# Braemar stone throw.